"Good Medicine Islands," originally published in Kyoto Jopurnal 

"Up the River," first published in Tokyo Journal.

"Home Alone" travel essay @ Worldhum.com

"Where am I Gonna Go Today?" travel essay @ Salon.com

Rabbit Stew the sequence of stories I wrote for my MA in English/Creative Writing at Concordia University in Montreal. This appearance online doesn't really count as a publication, since the National Library of Canada "publishes" every graduate thesis produced in the country. Still, I was surprised to find this old work online, and to catch up with my old characters Rabbit and Baby Judy. By the way, some of these stories did appear in earlier forms in real print publications, such as Acta Victoriana. Just so you know... The stories start on page 8 of the pdf:

"c'est la vie, c'est l'amour, c'est la guerre:" A warm wind, spun from the flaming top of a volcano half a world away, is sent loping across seas and ice-rimed continents by the random tilt of the earth. This same wind has thawed winter's first snow, so that the ice will now tamp down hard instead of resting lightly on top of the grasses and moss that feed the patchy herds of caribou adrift in a landscape of oil refineries and pipelines and cottage industry sculpture studios.

"Rocket-Ship Boy" story @ it's a bunny

Staff Writer, The Varsity, University of Toronto: June 8, 1993 - April 12, 1994. Can't believe I found this, but apparently the entire year's worth of stories from UofT's The Varsity student newspaper, where I was a Staff Writer under editors Naomi Klein and Clive Thompson, is archived online.

Rabbiu Judy stories. Acta Victoriana.